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Mobile Hairdressers Leeds


Experienced Mobile Hairdresser in Leeds

For some people Hair Salons are neither accessible nor convenient. As a mobile hairdresser in Leeds I offer the flexibility to get a high end style in the comfort of your own home. Whether your tastes are classic and traditional or edgy and modern I will work closely with you to develop a style you will love!

Mobile hairdressers in Leeds often charge close (or even more!) than many Salons. Divine Impressions was established to offer value, quality and convenience. Take a minute to browse my mobile hairdressing price list. Leeds is a city where style really matters, but why pay more?

I trained at the exclusive Brookes Salon in Chigwell Essex with a range of high end and celebrity clients, I also worked with Vidal Sasoon, London. More recently I was a Senior Stylist at the award winning Room 97 in Wakefield.
As a busy working mother I understand that women often have limited time (and budgets!) but don’t want to compromise on simply looking great! I take huge pleasure in helping women of all ages and tastes to look simply divine.

I will travel to you* and offer a unique experience compared to other mobile hairdressers (Leeds, Wakefield, Bradford, Batley & Dewsbury*)

Mobile Hairdresser Leeds

I began my career as a hairdresser a long way from Leeds. I worked at Brooke's salon in Chigwell Essex where I completed my training and qualified as a hair stylist.

My family are from Birstall, near Leeds so I always knew I would come home eventually! I am glad though I trained at such a prestigious salon as I learned a very classic style of hairdressing.

The Hollywood/Essex blow-dry was always in demand and the stylish classic pin up's where very popular. So many of these traditional, chic, classic styles are becoming popular again so when I established my own business as a mobile hairdresser in Leeds I was able to bring a lot of this great experience with me.

Before my son was born I worked at Room 97 in Wakefield as a senior stylist. As a high end salon I worked with demanding clientele and a wide range of classic and contemporary styles and cuts.

After my son was born I decided to move on and become a mobile hairdresser as it offered me greater flexibility. Leeds is a great city, always fashion conscious and on-trend I really enjoy meeting new clients and getting a feel for what their style ambitions are.

This is why I offer a full consultation and I believe my experience with high end styling can really shine through. Having a chat in relaxed surroundings and really understanding a clients needs is key to being a successful mobile hairdresser.

Many mobile hairdressers in Leeds are available however I feel I offer a unique, friendly and above all style conscious service to suit the needs of all my clients.

I am a friendly person and have made some great friends amongst my existing clients and love meeting new people. I will always try my best to fit around you and will always ensure you are completely satisfied with your hair.

If you are looking for a mobile hairdresser in Leeds, Wakefield, Bradford, Batley or Dewsbury please feel free to call anytime. Alternatively check out my gallery, visit my facebook page and see some of my work.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and I look forward to working with you.

Gemma x





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